` Family History - multigenerations

Family History - multigenerations

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  1. Irene, mother of Charles (1919)

  2. Sergeant Charlie at the barracks, 1951

  3. And in Linz.

  4. Secret Agent

  5. The famous ferris wheel at the Prater park in Vienna.

  6. Left to right: Charlotte's Uncle Ferdl (Ferdinand), Josefine, Gerhard, Barbie, Charlotte, Josef, Charlott's Uncle Beppi. In Lamprechtshausen at a reception after Lotte and Barbie's arrival in Austria in 1958. Lotte and Barbie were visiting Austria, and were able to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa as well as Barbie's Uncle Gerhard.

  7. The young family in 1960. Mike looks pretty chubby! That's OK, he gets to be, he's a year old!

  8. Irene and Charlotte smile for the camera while Mike and Marianne are distinctly distracted.

  9. Lotte holding Linda in a boat; 1966.

  10. At Cape Cod one blissful summer week: Lotte, Marianne, Linda and Michael, Charlie's father. Unnamed kitty!

  11. At the funny tree at Echo Lake: Charlie, Marianne, Linda, Mike, Marie Cloudas (wife of "Uncle" Boyd Cloudas, Charlotte. 1966.

  12. Dirndls for Charotte and Linda, nice clothes for Mike and Marianne. 1970.

  13. Charlotte graduates summa cum laude!

  14. The elder Michael enjoys a beer on the balcony at 618 Pheasant Lane.

  15. Lotte hides in the pinecones at Nani's in Aurach. 1971.

  16. Charlie gears up to hike the Austrian alps.

  17. Lotte and her mushrooms at the "old" cottage.

  18. Kathi learns to swim at the pool. July, 1979.

  19. The official family picture, 1978. We look very suspiciously 70s here.

  20. Charlie instructs Kathi (impersonating "Annie") in the art of chainsaw.

  21. Little Annie grew up and went to Purdue, same as Charlie (Dad). A sticker for the back of Dad's car makes sure the neighbors know!

  22. Kathi joined the Delta Zeta sorority at Purdue. In 1992, they invited mothers (and fathers) for a Mom's Weekend.

  23. Everyone looks much more hip now that we're in the 90s. Kathi with visitors at Purdue, in front of the ChemE building (her major).

  24. Visiting Tante Mitzi in Salzburg in 1992.

  25. Charlie gets revenge on the tree that knocked him off his ladder.

  26. Charlie hoists an improbably long and heavy tree, in further proof of his asserting dominion over the forest!

  27. Mr. Fixit consults the directions.

  28. Lotte holds first grandchild, little Rachel, daughter of Mike and Peggie.

  29. Three generations of Muellers: Charlie, Mike, Ryan.

  30. A game of pinochle gets weird. Charlie salts the cards, Marianne mutters, Kathi maintains a steady stare, and Linda rolls her eyes.

  31. The annual ritual of the deep-fried Southern turkey and Charlie carving it up.

  32. Charlotte, Marianne and Charlie visited Roz and Cyril in March, 1999. Cyril passed away in 2005.

  33. Charlie ripped up the redwood deck that had been nailed in place for 20 years, and proceded to reinforce it, preparing for the very heavy hot tub Marianne was determined to put in. When I say "ripped up", this is just a manner of speaking - he carefully prised each board out, slowly, so as not to ruin any boards. October, 2001.

  34. Ta-daa! A hardworking crew came by and assembled the miracle of a circular wooden tub. It does take forever to heat up. Charlie and Marianne test it out. And yes, we are wearing bathing suits!

Marianne Mueller
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