Sister Michaela as remembered by Charlotte Mueller

I remember Sister Michaela (my sister-in-law) as an enigma, an intensely spiritual person, restless, always searching and always traveling. That's why I called her in jest the Flying Nun. She would show up unannounced at our doorstep, just walk in the door and ask: "Where is Charles?"

She was an extremely courageous woman. When she left her convent after 33 years of service there she bought a VW bug and drove to Chicago to live with the poor in the inner city. She “adopted” a black teenager and a German shepherd to live with her. The boy whose name was Gary and the dog whose name was Gem went everywhere she went. I wonder what has become of Gary? For almost 35 years she toiled as a SFCC all over the East and Midwest. She taught autistic children in Worcester, Mass. Unfortunately, toward the end she became a victim of Alzheimer’s. She was unique.

Last updated: September 7, 2006