Kathy and Bob Shockney Remembrance

I was glad to hear you are inquiring about Sr. Michaela and a web page about her is going to be available. I have had no closure since her death and maybe this will help. Sr. Micheala was a very dear friend to me and to my husband. Bob was her godson from when he joined the church. She was very strong in her love for God and her church. She taught morning religion for the school children and was very good teaching at their level and she loved doing it. At the time Bob joined the church, Sr. Michaela was head of the RCIA. I went to the sessions and it was very enlightening to me as a cradle Catholic and to Bob who was learning much for the first time. She was quite a lady and it is hard to tell you how her church and her religion was so important to her. She never listened to the radio and never watched tv. She liked to work cross word puzzles and also played solitaire occasionally. She spent many hours at our house. Once when she was sick she spent the week until she was better. Sr. Michaela, Fr. Keith, Bob and I spent many hours at our kitchen table discussing religion and I learned so much. Being a cradle Catholic, I was very set in my ways especially concerning the Baltimore Catechism, and she helped me to see things without being so rigid in my beliefs and it has helped me so much in my attitudes and understandings. She drove me to Michigan when my Uncle Bob was in the hospital so I could see him before he died. We spent many great hours together and I was very close to her. I don't know if I am telling you much to help you in your information, but I just want to say what a wonderful person she was and I loved her and miss her.

Kathy and Bob Shockney
408 E. Sycamore St.
Coldwater, Oh 45828


Last modified: September 19, 2006