` Family History - younger generations

Family History - younger generations

  1. Mike gets a bath. December, 1959.

  2. At Cape Cod one summer on vacation (1970?), Marianne and Linda corral a stray cat.

  3. Kathi loved swinging in that basket at Echo Lake. 1972.

  4. New Year 1973 is heralded by the little baby! (The Old Man 1972 shuffles out, the little baby crawls in.)

  5. Do not do this with Lara! Helmets are now required! Back in the day, we just rode around Echo Lake on our Honda 70cc motorbike. Kathi was a very cool passenger.

  6. A field (near Ralph's?) out at Echo Lake. Let's say it's 1974 and Kathi is still content to let people put her on their shoulders.

  7. 1990? Kathi graduates from high school, and the four kids form a ... a ... a 1950s dancehall chain. Mike, Marianne, Linda, Kathi.

  8. What else to do at a wedding reception other than a quick pick-up game of basketball? Linda and Gary, 1994.

  9. Rachel and Ryan, uh, sharing a pink car. I think the lady wants to drive.

  10. Rachel is captured by a tiger.

  11. The littlest ballerina, Rachel.

  12. Rachel and Ryan, now approximatly 7 feet tall, add to their height with awesome roller blades.

  13. Marianne reads a pop-up book to captive audience Lara. Summer 2005.

  14. Grandpa was left at home to keep an eye on Lara while she took a nap. We have here role reversal. Summer 2005.

  15. "I can so put my fist in my mouth!" Summer 2005.

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