Dad in California, August, 2001

  1. Is Dad heating up punch coffee?

  2. Dad and Marianne in the house - Marianne looking pudgy but that is in the past! We hope!

  3. Dad grilling dinner for us.

  4. A faraway shot of Dad grilling.

  5. American Gothic! as Dad stands with the broom after a vigorous sweeping of the deck.

  6. Dad next to Marianne swinging in the skychair, on the deck out front.

  7. Dad next to the fireplace.

  8. Dad and Marianne at tea time!

  9. And once more, this time with feeling!

  10. Marianne sneaks a shot of Dad - you can see her funky multicolored sock there.

  11. The El Camino bell is reflected over and over through the window - you have to see the larger picture to see this.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 14, 2001