Kirchberg at Christmas, 2001

  1. Rainer lights the candles on the Advent wreath.

  2. Kathi's smile lights up the room.

  3. The home office of Rainer and Kathi!

  4. Kathi relaxes and takes a nap at the Koeniger's.

  5. Gerhard Koeniger at home and graciously entertaining me.

  6. Ursula Koeniger working hard in the kitchen.

  7. A row of blueberry bushes from the Koeniger's farm, in the quiet of winter.

  8. Rainer in Kirchberg, in front of the church, in the snow.

  9. The view from my room in the Pfarrhof.

  10. Kathi and Rainer in their Christmas Eve splendor!

  11. Gerhard playing piano on Christmas eve.

  12. And again!

  13. Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve, Mom in her dirndl, Dad in his Austrian suit.

  14. Another shot of Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve, in front of the tree.

  15. Dinner in the Pfarrhof on Christmas Eve.

  16. Rainer, and all of us, open presents!

  17. A traditional Tirolean house.

  18. Mom and I went for a walk in the snow ...

  19. The steeple in the snow ...

  20. ... and in the sun.

  21. The cemetary in Kirchberg is adorned with small trees at every gravesite at Christmas time.

  22. The obligatory shot of the Pfarrhof itself!

  23. Mom and Kathi relax on the couch in the living room of the Pfarrhof.

  24. Kurt Erlmoser, Kathi, Rainer and Marianne go for a walk along the Aschauer Ache.

  25. Kathi and Rainer hug!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Jan 24, 2002