Mom and Dad visit California, October 2001

  1. Dad begins the huge project of removing the deck and reinforcing it, for the coming hot tub, by sawing some lumber used in the reinforcement.

  2. The redwood deck is opened up - quite a feat - Dad had to carefully pry up each individual 2x4 redwood plank.

  3. Dad stands next to the deck job.

  4. Never give up! Just because the sun has gone down, that's no reason to abandon the deck job.

  5. Dad unearths the gas valve - a vital step, since the hot tub is gas heated.

  6. On to the next part of the hot tub project: Dad pours the cement slab that acts as the base for the heater, pump and filter. Here he is preparing to mix and add a new bag to the existing wet slab.

  7. Dad waters the cement! I know, I know, it's part of turning it into gloop.

  8. A slanted shot - one of many - showing Dad mixing the cement with a hoe and wheelbarrow borrowed from a friendly neighbor, Moe. The hoe is actually a specialized cement mixing tool, I believe.

  9. Another shot of Dad mixing the cement!

  10. And another!

  11. The last shot of Dad mixing cement. I guess I found this a fascinating step of the overall process!

  12. Here is Dad filling the cement slab with another bag's worth of cement. It surprised him, as he didn't think he'd end up using as much cement as he did.

  13. Dad spreads the cement ...

  14. ... and then smoothes it out.

  15. Mom is writing a friend, on a sunny day, in the dining room.

  16. Annikin puts herself squarely between the flowerpot and the watering can - nothing like a tight spot to see as a challenge!

  17. The base of the hot tub goes in - somewhere around Oct 12 or thereabouts.

  18. Philip, the main person who did the hot tub installation.

  19. The 3 workers: Dad, Philip and the other person whose name escapes me now.

  20. The hot tub is still under construction, but it is beginning to look like a hot tub!

  21. Esa Cate works at my iMac (for a liberal definition of work!)

  22. Steve Cate enjoys the skychair that they gave me a year ago as a wonderful birthday present.

  23. Evan Cate also loves the skychair.

  24. Evan is working on constructing his candle.

  25. Esa with her candle.

  26. Evan with HIS candle!

  27. Dad and Marianne inaugurate the lovely robes from the rest of the kids (birthday present in 2000) before inaugurating the hot tub itself.

  28. Dad standing (inexplicably?) in hot tub.

  29. The official inauguration of the tub, with both of us in - and by some odd coincidence, it's October 17, 2001!

  30. Miriam invited us to her Oktoberfest in Palo Alto, California.

  31. Annikin, the most spoiled cat on the planet (I think.) Who else gets treats from the deli?!
  32. A busy workman in overalls also has to make many phone calls.

  33. Ian and Nika Woodfill, ages 2 and 4 - my good friends Karin and John's kids.

  34. Ian loves Annikin, although only Annikin can say if this is mutual.

  35. My good friend Karin Meyer, who I met in 1985, in grad school in Seattle.

  36. My next door neighbors, Mike and Nancy Lee, join us for a night in the hot tub.

Marianne Mueller

Last modified: December 14, 2001