Kathi's pictures, Volume I

  1. A great shot of Kathi and Rainer after the concert.

  2. Mom and Dad looking at the menu.

  3. Rainer and Dad at the restaurant. Dad is looking off into the distance.

  4. Rainer and Dad at the restaurant, and this time both are looking at the camera!

  5. Another shot of Dad and Rainer at the restaurant.

  6. Kathi and Marianne at the restaurant, beaming away.

  7. Mom, Kurt and Dad at the restaurant.

  8. 3 empty beer glasses? Was?

  9. Marianne and Rupert at the restaurant.

  10. Kathi and Rainer build a ... bathouse!

  11. Another shot of the bathouse.

  12. Dad and Kathi on Christmas Eve at the Pfarrhof.

  13. Kathi and Rainer on Christmas Eve - cameo.

  14. Kathi and Rainer again! Christmas Eve at the Pfarrhof, all of us in our finery.

  15. Dad, Kathi and Marianne fooling around in the snow.

  16. This time we all pose! (one of my personal favorites --ed.)

  17. Finley digging in the snow.

  18. Finley throwing snow!

  19. Finley adapts well to this new winter climate.

  20. Finley on a sled.

  21. Finley being pulled on the sled.

  22. Finley appears to like the combination of sun and sled!

  23. Finley throwing snow, another angle.

  24. Finley goes for a ride on Andrew.

  25. Finley makes a snowball.

  26. Gerhard plays the piano on Christmas Eve.

  27. Rainer stands on one ski!

  28. Kathi and Rainer skiing in Kirchberg, just before Christmas.

  29. Helena in the cold!

  30. Helena with her Mom.

  31. Kathi and her sled on the day we trekked up the mountain and through the woods, instead of taking the ski lift. It was lots of work but lots of fun in the end.

  32. A closeup of Kathi at the airport, on the day she and Mike met Marianne.

  33. Kathi poses in her new fashionable hat.

  34. Another shot of Kathi in the new hat.

  35. Kathi in the snow, walking in Kirchberg along the Ache.

  36. Kathi in a winter wonderland.

  37. Another shot of Kathi and the enveloping snow - the branches weighed down with it -

  38. A closeup of Kathi in snow.

  39. Kathi, Marianne and Kurt take a walk along the stream.

  40. Another shot of Kathi, Marianne and Kurt.

  41. Kathi looking sly!

  42. Farmhouses in Kirchberg.

  43. Snow in the forest.

  44. I have miles to go before I sleep - the snowy road through the forest.

  45. Sun on the farmhouses near Kirchberg.

  46. Sun on the road towards the mountains.

  47. The rounded hills rise above the snowy fields.

  48. The church in Kirchberg.

  49. Kathi near the Pfarrhof.

  50. Marianne near the Pfarrhof.

  51. Another shot of the church.

  52. A third shot of the church!

  53. Rooftops and mountaintops.

Marianne Mueller