Kathi's pictures from Christmas time, Volume II

  1. Marianne and Kathi in the ski lodge.

  2. Marianne collapses with disbelief to see Mike at the Frankfurt airport when she arrives.

  3. Marianne pulling her sled, on that fateful day Rainer and Kathi convinced her it was a good idea to walk up the mountain rather than take the lift! (It was actually tons of fun and I'm so glad we did it.)

  4. Marianne arrives at the Frankfurt airport ... and Mike is waving!

  5. Marianne enjoying another mineral wasser, in the schi huette.

  6. Marianne in Kirchberg, not far from ... yes ... it's a bottle of mineral water!

  7. Marianne looks like quite the pro sledder, with those Uvex(tm) goggles.

  8. Marianne and Kathi skiing in Kirchberg - a gorgeous day, following the difficult snowy conditions of the day before.

  9. Another shot of the two gorgeous ski babes.

  10. Marianne and Rainer on the mountain top.

  11. Mom an Dad, Kathi and Marianne pose in the falling snow.

  12. An almost identical shot of the Muellers in the snow.

  13. Kathi practices ballet (or yoga?) as Dad and Marianne look on.

  14. Kathi, Mom and Dad in the Pfarrhof on Christmas Eve.

  15. Mom and Dad by the tree on Christmas Eve.

  16. Another shot of Mom and Dad dressed in their Austrian best.

  17. The same shot, but horizontal - Mom and Dad by the tree.

  18. A hike in the Pfalz when Mike was in Mannheim - Mike, Marianne and Kathi.

  19. Mike and Marianne standing by the map of the area where we hiked.

  20. Rainer consults the GPS; we weren't lost when we took that route through the woods, just momentarily disoriented!

  21. Rainer looking dazed.

  22. Rainer in the ski hut where we stopped for lunch one day.

  23. Rainer standing along the Aschauer Ache.

  24. Rainer crashes!

  25. A closeup of the crash victim. Mandatory deduction, Rainer ...

  26. The church in the snowfall.

  27. Kathi and Rainer by the Christmas tree.

  28. Kathi by the tree on Christmas Eve.

  29. Trees in winter.

  30. The Christmas tree in the Pfarrhof.

  31. This view of the tree shows the lights.

Marianne Mueller