Linda and Gary in California, Part I

  1. Linda is hard at work her first day out, mopping the whole house.

  2. Linda works upstairs...

  3. Gary and John construct a protective mesh for the newly planted apricot tree.

  4. Almost ready to go with the apricot tree guard!

  5. Meanwhile, Annikin keeps guard from her post on the porch.

  6. We prost the evening meal!

  7. Linda at the dinner table, waiting for me to quit taking pictures!

  8. Gary at the dinner table, looking pensive yet smiling - and you can see that it's still plenty sunny out at 7 p.m.! Oh, for the light of summer! (Marianne writes during the dark of late autumn...)

  9. Taken from outside, this shot of the living room shows the porch's beams as if inside, in reality reflected by the bright sun on the glass.

  10. The skeleton of what Linda named "The Whale" - the new house up the road, still far from finished in December 2001!

  11. A side shot of the whale.

  12. A close-up view of the whale.

  13. Gary walks through the summer meadows at Russian Ridge, an open space preserve about 45 minutes from Marianne's house.

  14. Linda stands near a lone oak, at the Ridge.

  15. A view over the meadows, with the characteristic oak tree at the side.

  16. Linda and Gary at an oak tree.

  17. Linda and Gary during lunch.

  18. Gary and Linda in the meadow, surrounded by the beauty of the Ridge preserve.

  19. The yellow and green and blue hues of the Ridge.

  20. Four ridges, and meadows, one over another.

  21. Marianne (frightfully fat in the foto) hugs the tree, of course!

  22. Linda in profile on the Ridge.

  23. Gary and Linda at the Half Moon Bay cafe where we ate fish, what else!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Sunday, December 2, 2001