1. Mom and Dad stand at the Loving Couple, two trees growing together.

  2. Mom and Dad stand at the tree where the first wagon rode through!

  3. A gorgeous, graceful, looming Sequoia stands tall.

  4. Dad pauses by the river in the Wawona area.

  5. Dad relaxes in the late summer sun by the pool at the Tenaya Lodge, just outside Yosemite Park.

  6. One day we went on a hike - famously led astray by Marianne's lack of direction! - but we found some beautiful scenery. Here's Mom and Dad by a lake.

  7. A postcard view of the same lake.

  8. A tree seemingly split in two - I named it the V tree, V for victory, as we had a great hike despite being completely lost!

  9. And the mountain and the lake stood there ...

  10. Where we stopped for lunch - Dad can be seen far away, if you squint real hard and believe!

  11. At our lunchbreak - again, if you squint hard, you'll see Mom and Dad on the far side.

  12. On the way back, Dad helpfully points out the direction we should have taken.

  13. A radiant hiker is spotted on the trail!

  14. Dad shows what an ice chest looks like in the Ahwanee. He knows well, as he searched many floors of the main Ahwanee lodge before he found a chest that held any ice.

  15. Mom and Dake (and Marianne) partake of the afternoon tea and cookies in the Ahwanee Lodge. We had to produce proof of Ahwanee lodging before they'd give us tea!

  16. The main building of the Ahwanee Lodge.

  17. A very bad and dark shot of part of the cottage where we stayed, at the Ahwanee.

  18. Mom and Dad at the famous (but by September, dried up) Bridalveil Falls.

  19. Bridalveil Falls, what there is of it!

  20. Dad climbs up the rocky approach to Bridalveil Falls.

  21. Dad stands up and poses, smiling, having made it a good way up the falls.

  22. Annikin doesn't like the commercials ...

  23. ... but she is enraptured by the news!

  24. Dad snoozes on the couch, with Mom smiling.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 12, 2001