1. Mike amazingly turns up in Mannheim just before I do, and he proves it by posing by the Christmas tree!

  2. Mom in the shadows and light of the kitchen in Kirchberg.

  3. Mali at work!

  4. Mom visited the nearby hairdresser...

  5. Dad is surrounded by the snow along the trail. You can tell it's cold since even his ear flaps are down!

  6. Just before Epiphany (Jan 6), we were visited by the children dressed as the Three Kings. They sing in harmony, and also raise money for projects all across Austria.

  7. We traveled in first class luxury on the train from Kirchberg to Mannheim, but not without a lot of confusion, mistakes and misplacements. We were eventually accorded these fine seats.

  8. A shot of Kathi and Rainer's kitchen ...

  9. ... and the rest of the kitchen.

  10. Dad in Kathi and Rainer's dining room.

  11. Finally, another shot of the living room.

Marianne Mueller

January 25, 2002