Miscellaneous 2002 and Christmas 2002

  1. A bit dark, but trust me: this is a parade float in the shape of a giant squid, courtesy Linda and Gary.

  2. At the Moose Lodge, some of the regulars greet us as Santa and his helpers.

  3. Kathi got new glasses for Christmas.

  4. Ozzie has a new favorite basket to hide in.

  5. The great Gingerbread House!

  6. Dad at work on the gingerbread house.

  7. Mom and Dad with gingerbread house.

  8. Linda, Gary and Marianne with gingerbread house.

  9. Dieter and Helga Rauchenzauner and Mali meet over Christmas time.

  10. Gerhard and Mali at Dieter's, over Christmas-time.

  11. Gerhard, Mali and Dieter over Christmas-time.

  12. Dad and Stella at Eileen's place, over New Year's Eve 2002/2003.

  13. Dad figures out how to turn on Eileen's TV! A watershed day!

  14. Aunt Eileen at home, over New Year's Eve.

  15. Mom arranges some of her world-famous cookies on a plate.

  16. Roscoe has a thing about Aunt Eileen's shoes!

  17. Mom and Dad.

  18. Mom and Dad in their condo, early 2003.

  19. Dad in their condo, early 2003.

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