Kirchberg, Austria: June 23 - June 25, 2003

    June 23, 2003:

  1. View from my room in the Pfarrhof

  2. Dad at Cafe Lorenzoni (I think?)

  3. Dad ("Charlie") relaxing on back porch of Pfarrhof

    June 24, 2003:

  4. A day later, Dad is still playing cards.

  5. Gerhard relaxing on the back porch of the Pfarrhof.

  6. Gerhard, Dad and Mom rest up prior to our big trip to Mittersill in Pinzgau (Land Salzburg), the fly fishing village, where we hope to meet up with Linda and Gary. Dad hopefully holds some cards, in case anyone will play.

  7. Gerhard, Mali, Mom and Dad doing the only natural thing to do, as we wait to meet up with our fly fishers, Linda and Gary.

  8. Linda, successful fly fisherwoman, recounts her adventures.

  9. Mali is overcome with laughter, but Gerhard utters his idiosyncratic "Ahhh..."

  10. Dad needs some extraordinary levels of carbo loading in order to keep up that stiff schedule of card playing.

  11. Did Marianne already scarf down a top-heavy chocolate sundae concoction, or did she steal the decoration from Dad? Only Dr. Atkins knows for sure.

  12. A traditional Austrian baroque church steeple; in Mittersill in Pinzgau, Land Salzburg.

  13. Anton Webern, 1886-1949, is buried in Mittersil. Anton Webern is a fantastic 20th century composer.

  14. "Durch unsere offnen Augen fliesst das Licht ins Herz und stroemt als Freude Sanft zurueck aus Ihnen." This translates as "Through our open eyes flows light into the heart, and streams softly back as joy." Translation courtesy of Mag. Charlotte Rosa Mrazek Erlmoser Mueller.

    June 25, 2003:

  15. The beautiful hand-made 50th Anniversary Candle, lovingly made by Rosemarie.

  16. Rosemarie cradles the candle she spent so very many hours crafting for Mom and Dad.

  17. Rosemarie's dog keeps a careful eye on the conversation.

  18. A closeup of Rosemarie's dog - he's just licking his chops to groom himself, he's not contemplating a second dinner ...

Marianne Mueller
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