Kirchberg, Austria: June 26, 2003

    June 26, 2003:

  1. Linda and Dad ... playing cards.

  2. Linda will not reveal her strategy.

  3. Dad is confident in his bizarre theory of Not Allowing Cards To Build Up.

  4. The Houston contingent arrives! They had come from Venice, Italy via Switzerland.

  5. Kathi holds her own with the Men of the Family.

  6. Ryan and Rachel squint into the sun, holding up well after the long trip.

  7. Michael explains. Something.

  8. Linda and Peggie relax on the back porch.

  9. Rainer and Charlie on the back porch.

  10. The whole gang (save your shy photographer): From left to right: Rachel, Kathi, Gary, Linda, Charlotte, Michael, Ryan, Peggie.

  11. Rainer and Dad putting on a good face for the camera.

  12. Schwester Augusta surprised us all, arriving from Germany the day before the big celebration.

  13. The gang retires inside, the better to partake of some mid-day refreshments. Inside the Pfarrhof's kitchen/dining nook.

  14. Michael listens intently to Gerhard's explanation of ... glacier skiing?

  15. Mutti and the presents that are already beginning to pile up ...

  16. Three generations: Uncle Gerhard Erlmoser, Michael Mueller and Ryan Mueller.

  17. Gary, Linda, Ryan. Linda looks positively fierce, and Ryan intent and dreamlike.

  18. Rachel and Aunt Marianne, who is either clowning around, or who still hasn't gotten over the War of 2003. If you have to ask "What war?" don't ask in Marianne's earshot ...

  19. Rachel, grinning with her dinner salad. The secret to her staying thin! She eats salads all the time!

  20. Ryan intently attacks his personal pizza, at an Italian place in Kirchberg.

  21. Ryan must have spotted an interesting bird, and Gerhard seems to be nodding off.

  22. Ryan seems to approve of his ice cream boat.

  23. Mike clowns around.

  24. Dad is serene with the delivery of his ice cream ration, but Linda appears to be giving him (or the ice cream?) the Evil Eye.

  25. Mali and Dad relaxing as the night falls.

Marianne Mueller
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