The Day After: June 28, 2003

  1. Sunglasses and strudel at the castle, before our fateful tour.

  2. Proof that we were all together at the start.

  3. Peggie and Ryan contemplate dessert.

  4. The Salzburg Panorama series begins! All these pictures of Salzburg were taken from various vantage points in the castle.

  5. It was a beautiful day for it.

  6. The Salzach River winds nearby.

  7. I believe it's the Dom.

  8. A view of a nobleman's estate from the Castle, and, the small house where the official executioner is said to have lived.

  9. An 'art' shot of Salzburg, taken through the metal grillwork ovr the window.

  10. Vote today on which view of Salzburg you like the best!

  11. A king. Or an important guy. I forget now who he was.

  12. The full figure of the king.

  13. Oh no! More panorama!

  14. If you look closely, you'll see the chessplayers playing with life-size pieces.

  15. A moody atmospheric shot of just some of the interconnected buildings.

  16. This was supposed to be an 'art' shot of white and light and shadow, but pesky tourists kept getting into the frame.

  17. Can you read relief on these faces? A two-hour inadvertent separation -- something out of Bugs Bunny -- thankfully came to an end, and we readied to head towards ...

  18. ... the Augustiner Braustuebl! Ryan gets his first introduction.

  19. Linda is probably drinking orangina.

  20. Ryan guards his beer(s) while Michael explains the topology of the Great Two-Hour Dad Misplacement.

  21. Ryan watches Aunt Linda and Uncle Gary, and Grandpa and Grandma, in the beer garden. He is happy with the food you get from the little deli booths.

  22. Ryan and Kathi - and why is Kathi always beautiful? Is she the most photogenic person on the planet, or, is she just beautiful?

  23. 50 years, 1 day minus two hours and counting ... things have settled down to normal.

  24. Hang in there, Linda and Gary, a few more decades and it'll be 50 years.

  25. Gary is relaxed and happy at Augustiner Braustuebl.

  26. Aunt Linda and Rachel have a philosophical discussion (about environmentalism and Milka bars) in the beer garden.

  27. Another hurtin' cameo! I seem to specialize in getting people when they turn away from each other, and/or when they start to close their eyes.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 10, 2003