Austria, July 1-2, 2003

    July 1, 2003:

  1. After Gary, Linda, Kathi, Dad and I went through the Salt Mines Tour, it was time for a good long sit-down lunch. Luckily the nearby town boasted a brewery and luckily we missed the turn-off for McDonald's. At least I think Dad came along. Corrections, anyone?

  2. Joy and Happiness Abound! For we have found a Foundry of Bier!

  3. Ah! This time the name is visible! It is the blessed Braustuebl Kaltenhausen.

  4. You might not immediately recognize this as an "art shot" but indeed such it is. The mountain doth dwarf the manly bier hall.

  5. Life is suddenly reverting to normal. Dad has swiped Linda and Kathi for a game of Skip-Bo.

    July 2, 2003:

  6. Dad likes the pretzel effect of the clouds wrapped around the mountain.

  7. Green shrubs, tidy houses, implacable mountains: the Austrian landscape.

  8. Happy family under the looming Pretzel Cloud Mountain: Dad, Kathi, Linda, Gary.

  9. What is there to do on a beautiful afternoon but head for the nearest cafe and contemplate dessert?

  10. A waterfall along the way that Linda, Gary, Kathi and I hiked.

  11. The beautiful valley that we hiked.

  12. The landscape is now populated with Gary and my weissbier!

  13. The hardy campers raise a toast under the fierce mountain!

  14. The cat takes a liking to Kathi.

  15. The cat even deigns to say hello to Marianne, who is very seriously wondering how to handle the situation.

  16. Linda in silhouette.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 10, 2003