Rome: July 3, 2003

  1. The view out my window from the hotel in central Rome where I stayed, Alberto Sole.

  2. A close-up of the statues across the way.

  3. I couldn't get enough of this view!

  4. A view of 1/2 of my hotel room - it was very simple, just a bed and a table and a TV.

  5. Well, there was also a big open window, and a large wardrobe ...

  6. ... an art view out the window.

  7. The local fountain.

  8. Another perspective on the local fountain.

  9. These cars grabbed me: the tiny little Smarts that you see all over Europe, but especially in parking-spot-hungry Rome.

  10. The Parthenon snuck up on me!

  11. The Parthenon - partly - with the Elephant monument.

  12. I approach the Parthenon slowly ...

  13. Inside the Parthenon, the sun shines brightly through the dome.

  14. The amazing sun-shadow of the Parthenon illumination.

  15. The Parthenon from the front, from the square thronged by tourists at eateries.

  16. I'm embarrassed to say I don't recall which church is being illumined from which dark space.

  17. Rome is architecture, Rome is church.

  18. Navarro Square, in scaffolding.

  19. The view from the cafe near Navarro Piazza - one of the cafes recommended by "cafe life Rome", a book I used as my secondary guide book. Locate a famous spot; admire; locate the cafe nearby frequented by locals; rest.

  20. A landmark building on the main drag near my hotel.

  21. Another view, in fading light.

  22. Modern Rome rushes by old, solid Rome.

  23. But across from my hotel, there's a Hello Kitty store!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 15, 2003