Rome: July 4, 2003

  1. The Internet Point (Internet Cafe) near St. Peter's, the Vatican, Rome. If the Vatican can have an Internet Point, why not Palo Alto?

  2. St. Peter's Square in front of the Vatican, and the Collonade around the side.

  3. St. Peter's Cahtedral and the piazza and collonade out front.

  4. The fountain in front of St. Peter's.

  5. The view of St. Peter's from within, halfway up the grueling walk up the stairs to the top of the dome.

  6. Looking up at St. Peter's dome from within. Striking similarities to the Parthenon but St. Peter's isn't open to the elements.

  7. The view from the top of St. Peter's Dome, looking down at smaller architectural features that are about halfway up the cathedral.

  8. St. Peter's Square, from the top of St. Peter's Cathedral (a challenging walk!)

  9. The columns around St. Peter's square.

  10. Castel Sant'Angelo: I have a particular fondness for the winged chariot. Just up the road from the Vatican, said to be a hideout for Popes in times of political turmoil.

  11. Spanish Steps.

  12. The first of many shots of Trevi Fountain! I finally found it after wandering around in circles, and confessing to some lost Norwegians that I had no better idea of where it was than they did.

  13. Trevi 2.

  14. Trevi 3. I quite fell in love with this fountain, even though you're supposed to. For once I wasn't contrary.

  15. Trevi 4 ...

  16. The serious players, who put on an anti-WTO and anti-privitization of water skit in front of the Trevi Fountain. The many police stationed nearby seemed bored. The funniest part was the American who dutifully videotaped the half hour skit, and then turned to me and asked "What's the WTO?" I didn't know how to break it to her that she had just videotaped a left-wing, subversive, political sketch that would not be well received in most parts of Kansas. I just said "it's a trade organization."

  17. At the end of the skit, the players talk among themselves - perhaps to decide what to do about dinner.

  18. An attempt to catch the mood of the late afternoon light on the stately building.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 16, 2003