Laning Chateau

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  1. The Chateau is framed by two enormous trees.

  2. As you approach the entry way, take care not to get splashed on by the feeble fountain. "A breeding ground for mosquitos," Kathi remarks.

  3. From the other side, the predominance of the ivy is indisputable. My studio is the one directly above Senator Sher's office (look for red door on ground level). Senator Sher is a California State Senator, Democrat, I think, and there is never anyone in his offices. This can be documented.

  4. The 4-storied Chateau is crowned, oddly enough, with a rounded gilt globe that must have been transported from some other building altogether. Rumor has it that the Owner lives in this top floor penthouse.

  5. The doors leave no doubt that you are entering Laning Chateau. The key is a bit hard to use. You have to jiggle it and hope for the best.

  6. The grand entrance way of the Laning Chateau welcomes all visitors. I believe, but I can't swear to it, that a nubile young thing vacuums the stairs daily.

  7. This shot of the entrance way to the studio doesn't do it justice. It's a sweet little entrace way, all the more so for the relative size of it to the rest of the studio. To the left is the bathroom, to the right a hall closet and, oddly enough, a passageway to the studio's main closet. The chair holding the phone and accompaniments is a compromise until the kindly telephone repair man comes and makes useful the telephone jacks in the main room.

  8. Looking out towards the street, in the main room - the round pine table in the bay window.

  9. Just to one side of the table, is ... the corner. I'm not sure why I took this photo, except to show off an exceptionally out-of-balance Japanese flower arrangement.

  10. Apart from the table and a small bookcase, the only furniture in the main room is the futon. A generous soul in Palo Alto parted with this for $100 and I threw in my twin-sized futon mattress. It was that kind of deal.

  11. Just to pound this into the ground ... here's the last bit of furniture in the main room, long may it be so.

  12. A sideways view of part of the kitchen: Hab' auf der weld ...

  13. Kathi set up her queen-size air mattress in the "dining nook." This gives me an idea. Leave the "dining nook" free of furniture, and then I can use it for whatever. Yoga room. Mom, if you look closely in the window, you will recognize the Muse.

  14. From my closet, through the pair of French windows, you can walk out onto the wrought iron balcony. OK, OK, it's really part of the fire escape system. Nevertheless, I have set up a chair out there, in case I feel the need to sit and drink coffee while inspecting the Saturday morning farmer's market.

  15. The view from my studio looking south - there is another suspiciously quaint and inviting building on the other side of the street ...

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Thursday June 5 2003