New Year's Eve, 2003 into 2004

A wonderful party at Michael Henry's house -

  1. Jorge and Natasha (Jeannie).

  2. Jorge looks on as Audrey passes out champagne glasses.

  3. Some guys don't drink, some make good use of both hands.

  4. The newlyweds, with Joel off to the side.

  5. Joel closs his eyes in supplication?

  6. Michael and Audrey.

  7. From the left: Michael, Audrey, Jorge, ?, Susan.

  8. From the left: Audrey, Jorge, Natasha (Jeannie), Susan, Dave (Susan's husband.)

  9. The newlyweds - married just 8 days.

  10. Audrey - posing is not her strong suit!

  11. Cairo, Michael's wonderful dog. Cairo is so sweet. She'll come and just lay next to you and drape a paw across your lap. She is very clean and careful and never barks and in fact reminds you of a friendly cat.

  12. Audrey and Michael, who is doing this on purpose to me ...

  13. Dave, Susan's husband, who is an artist working for a videogame company.

  14. Finally, I get an almost normal shot of Michael! Joel smiles from in back, while Audrey and Natasha (Jeannie) are examining Michael's very interesting framed autographed photos of famous composers and musicians.

  15. Dave, pensive.

  16. Moi, not aware that Susan has picked up my camera and is going to town!

  17. Audrey's arm is most defnitely draped around Michael's neck ...

  18. ... there is no denying it.

  19. Yours truly, looking shockingly fat, if you ask me! Time for the New Year's Resolution. I told Susan, "Your camera looks a lot like mine!" Pretty cool bracelet and earrings, huh.

  20. Michael and Jorge exclaim over a book by Darwin.

  21. Jorge and one of Michael's 3 cats.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: January 1, 2004