Chamber Music at Nina and Misha's, November 22, 2003


  1. Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 (1721), Johann Sebastian Bach
    Goetz Leonhardt viola, Miriam Blatt viola, Lissy Bland viola, Lindy Lo viola, Robert Hoexster cello, David Herberg bass, Nina Taft keyboard

  2. Trio I (1997), Robert Hoexter
    Robert Hoexter cello, Karen Hoexter clarinet, Joyce Tanaka flute

  3. Clarinet Trio Op 114 (1891), Johannes Brahms
    Robert Hoexter cello, Karen Hoexter clarinet, Miriam Blatt piano

  1. The group that played the Brandenburg. About 25 people gathered in the living room to listen.

  2. A closeup of two of the violas on the Brandenburg, Goetz and Miriam.

  3. Miriam practices on the piano, getting ready for the Brahms trio.

  4. The clarinet trio group gets ready.

  5. Jorge and Nina and Misha's very nice dog hit it off.

  6. The photographer is to be rebuked for her rather poor timing in this picture of our host Misha.

  7. Miriam, apres concert.

  8. Goetz, a German native, played viola on the Brandenburg; he works with Miriam at Sun.

  9. Framed by tulips, Jorge is deep in conversation.

  10. Adam is serious and direct.

  11. The apres-concert party is in high gear.

  12. Adam's father and our host, Misha, is also serious and direct.

  13. Misha, Jorge and Goetz discuss the current musical selection.

  14. Jorge looks more closely at the CD insert.

  15. Despite eating non-stop all evening, later that night, we decided to send out for Chinese.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 23, 2003