Point Reyes, Coast Camp: October 18-19, 2003

    Saturday, October 18, 2003:

  1. Afternoon snack! Nika, John and Karin.

  2. A great idea! Put on the big peoples' hiking boots! Nika is 5 (will be six in February) and Ian just turned 4.

  3. Newly shod, Nika and Pio embark on an adventure with Big Feet.

  4. Nika coaches Ian, who might be practicing for future downhill skiing ventures?

  5. Later in the afternoon, we go for a walk: Karin, Ian and I along the footpath, and John and Nika along the beach. Ian takes this opportunity to take a much-needed nap.

  6. Note the weird finger-like rock outcroppings on the hill - these are peculiar to this part of the world (Marin county.) This photo also proves it is, definitely, to take pictures with the sun in BACK.

  7. The two groups meet up - well, John and Nika hollered to us from a bushy cliff in between our footpath and the beach, and came running up to join us.

  8. John and Nika walking back along the footpath at twilight.

  9. Family Portrait at Point Reyes. Pacific Ocean roars to the right.

  10. Back at camp, Nika practices helicopter takeoff.

  11. Nika and Pio come along with me to get water, and the sun is fading rapidly.

    Sunday, October 19, 2003:

  12. Breakfast-time! Nika works on her hot chocolate.

  13. John addresses Pio's back - I forget what this was all about - a sit-down strike?

  14. Now dressed, Ian has fun swinging on the swing near the camp.

  15. The tree is rather larger than the small being it supports!

  16. A blur of blue light, Ian runs from the waves. It was warm on the beach, but not THAT warm - Ian just assumes the only way to play on the beach is to strip down and get in the water.

  17. The cliff looms large in back of Nika, dressed rather more in keeping with the prevailing temperature!

  18. Ian loves the waves.

  19. Ian on tiptoes.

  20. Pio will outrun the ocean!

  21. Pio challenges the frothy foam.

  22. Ian anticipates his snack.

  23. Pio and Nika foot-wrestle.

  24. Eventually, in early afternoon, we all pack up and strike out on the 3-mile level footpath back to the trailhead. This trail is called the Coast Trail, as it winds along the coast for about half of the distance. Nika and Ian each have their own packs. John is pushing his huge pack in the stroller.

  25. Karin is tough! She is carrying her own heavy pack, and pushing the hugest pack of all in the stroller, as John and Ian disappeared into the brush to find a suitable "rest area" for little Ian.

  26. It seemed harder than we thought it would ... but we made it back to the parking lot. This is a picture of their new minivan. By this point in the hike, Ian had displaced the huge pack in the stroller; John carried the heavy pack on his back.

  27. Pio is the image of sleep. What with ocean romping and hiking, he was tuckered out.

  28. Close-up of the sleeping babe.

  29. And another angle!

  30. This is one heavy-duty and comfortable stroller.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 20, 2003