The Great Apartment-Warming Party, October 25

  1. Joel, oboe!

  2. Jorge, my neighbor from Winding Way in San Carlos.

  3. Eugene, hiking buddy, covers his face with a mysterious hand signal.

  4. Audrey was working non-stop all evening - first she cooked, then she cleaned. There was a brief moment when she sat down to have a bit to eat, and I seized the moment and got this picture.

  5. Joann is a writer from last quarter's Stanford class in fiction writing. Apparently during the day she is a hardware engineer at Analog. She and her husband helped out bigtime by bringing 6 folding chairs, which was about as many as we could fit in the apartment.

  6. Caitlin (left) is a Yosemite hiker, and Natasha (right) is a musician. Natasha is her stage name. She often goes by Jeannie. I think.

  7. Suzanne (writer) and her friend Loren.

  8. Connie is a good friend from La Selva.

  9. David and Vicky - David is a Sun alum but we met at Asilomar in the early 90's.

  10. Miriam and I met at Sun, but that seems a long time ago - we're hiking buddies plus I tag along to any of her myriad musical concerts, including the occasional gig.

  11. An attempt to photograph the room. This picture makes everything look quite staid. There really was quite a hubbub!

  12. The 7 pints of gelato appear.

  13. It's 2 a.m. Audrey has long ago cleared off the table and cleaned everything up. Joel and Natasha/Jeannie engage in a debate about musical qualities of Zappa. (Probably.)

  14. Audrey has pretty much done everything that can be done, in the way of cleanup, so she no longer has to scold me "Get out of my kitchen!"

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 27, 2003