Favorite Pictures of 2003

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  1. Mom and Dad take part in the Global Vigil for peace, in Ormond Beach, Florida. I joined a group of people at a downtown Palo Alto church and we had a subdued march down University Avenue. March 16.

  2. Laning Chateau, the gorgeous somewhat-older building I now call home. My apartment is the one directly above the red doors that mark California State Senator Byron Sher's offices. His offices are always empty. This can be empirically proven. June 1.

  3. June 26, 2003: Schwester Augusta, long-time friend of Mom and Dad, arrives at the Pfarrhof (Priest's house, where my Uncle Gerhard lives, and where all the family stayed in June.) June 26.

  4. Uncle Gerhard (priest in the small town Kirchberg, Austria - near Kitzbuehel) and my brother Michael engage in some serious discussion in the cozy kitchen/dining area of the Pfarrhof. June 26.

  5. Three generations: Uncle Gerhard, my brother Michael, and his 13-year old boy, Ryan. We decided to have an easy outdoors dinner at an Italian restaurant in Kirchberg that specializes in individual pizzas. June 26.

  6. Rachel, Michael and Peggie's 15-year old, grins with her salad. June 26.

  7. The three co-celebrants: Ignaz, Tobias and Gerhard Erlmoser. Ignaz is an old family friend who's known Gerhard forever, and Tobias was an assistant priest who served with Gerhard some years ago. June 27.

  8. During the 50th anniversary celebration in the Dom (Cathedral) in downtown Salzburg - Mom and Dad, and Debbie Damron up above. Debbie traveled from Germany to sing in the ceremony. The Damrons are old family friends; Dad was friends with Mr. Damron from 1,000 years ago at IBM Owego. June 27.

  9. Kathi (Mueller) and Rainer Koeniger, married in 2000. June 27.

  10. The assembled family: Ryan, Peggie, Rachel, Michael, Charles, Gerhard, Charlotte, Marianne, Katherine, Rainer, Linda, Gary. June 27.

  11. Marianne poses with two men from the music group that played at the reception following the ceremony. Lederhosen lives! June 27.

  12. The great dirndl face-off! Mom and a cousin. June 27.

  13. Salzburg, as seen from the fortress up above. June 28.

  14. Aunt Kathi and nephew Ryan in the biergarten (beer garden), Augustiner Brauesteubl. June 28.

  15. Craggy alps near Kirchberg, Austria, where Uncle Gerhard labors as the village priest (for three villages, actually!) June 29.

  16. Clouds ring the Kirchberg mountain like a pretzel. July 2.

  17. Happy hikers: Dad, Kathi, Linda and Gary with the pretzel mountain. July 2.
  18. After hiking, Kathi, Linda, Gary and Dad (and me too!) repair to the nearest Konditorei (pastry shop.) July 2.

  19. We hiked up this valley, and now relax with weissbier! Gary (husband to Linda) is shown with Marianne's beer. July 2.

  20. Inside the Parthenon, in Rome, Italy, looking up at what I call the sun-shadow. The Parthenon is open at the top. July 3.

  21. St. Peter's Square, as seen from the very top of St. Peter's Cathedral (it's quite a hike.) July 4.

  22. Trevi Fountain, which is every bit as lovely and mesmerizing as in all the songs and movies. It is also thronged by masses of American college students, happily jabbering and eating gelato. July 4.

  23. An elaborately carved arch that is part of the Roman Ruins. July 5.

  24. Il Coliseo - the magnificent Coliseum. It takes you by surprise. It is beyond huge. July 5.

  25. The statue of S. Maria Maggiore, with lucky visit of the dove of peace in the picture! July 5.

  26. One corner of the Quattro Fontane, the Four Corners - they show up at one intersection in Rome - see the page for July 5 for pictures of the other 3 corners! July 5.

  27. Roman Ruins. July 6.

  28. The Turtle Fountain! July 8.

  29. Pescadero Beach, about 45 minutes from home. July 14.

  30. Tuolumne River, Yosemite. August 15.

  31. The mountain rises above the lake: Yosemite. August 17.

  32. My good pal Ian (4) outruns the ocean at Point Reyes. October 19.

  33. Audrey, saint of Palo Alto housewarming parties, scolds me: "Get out of my kitchen!" She singlehandedly did most of the food preparation and all of the cleanup. October 25.

  34. The heart-stopping beauty of the Big Sur coast; south of Monterey, about 2 hours from Palo Alto. November 1.

  35. Mom and Dad at the Advent Wreath (posing for the local newspaper, as part of the community Adventsingen.) Just before first weekend in December.

  36. Dueling laptops - Marianne connects wirelessly in Panama City, Florida (at Linda and Gary's place), whereas Dad is stuck with dialup. Thanksgiving.

  37. Dad carves the turkey as Mom looks on. Thanksgiving in Panama City, Florida.

  38. Waimea Canyon, in Kauai, Hawaii: the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," according to Mark Twain. I visited Kauai for a week from December 11-18. This picture: December 12.

  39. The view at the end of the Waimea Canyon road, looking west. I decided to hike the trail, known as Pihea trail to Alaka'i Swamp; I should've paid more attention to that "swamp" label. Muddy. December 12.

  40. A lone palm on Poipu beach, in Kauai. December 12.

  41. The blue ridges of the Na Pali coast (west coast of Kauai.) December 13.

  42. Sphinx - or stray cat? - at the ocean. This is the beach you get to after a very, very muddy two-hour hike up and down the ridges of the Na Pali coast. December 13.

  43. Wailua Falls, in the center of Kauai. December 14.

  44. At one of the loveliest beaches on Kauai - some kitesurfers. This beach can only be gotten to by driving 15 minutes along the worst pot-holed red dirt road your suspension ever hopes to encounter. December 14.

  45. Another contestant for most gorgeous beach on Kauai: Polihale beach, on the west coast. December 16.

  46. The incredible finger-ridges of inner Kauai, as seen from a helicopter. That's rough country to hike over, up and down. December 17.

  47. Michael and Audrey, our hosts for the New Year's Eve party. Happy New Year! December 31.

Marianne Mueller
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