gathering in Half Moon Bay, December 7, 2003

Remember to click on the smaller picture to get the larger picture. If you like any of these, send email to and I can send you the original snapshot (about 4 times greater resolution than the "large" picture shown here.)

  1. Mingling in the kitchen.

  2. He's not posing!

  3. A short Santa holds court in the living room.

  4. Mr. K, aka Santa. He has promised True Love to a couple forlorn chicks.

  5. Stanford Mom and 4-month old!

  6. The little one is paying attention.

  7. She's from the area.

  8. Our 13-year old hostess, Devie, takes a break.

  9. A strong Kucinich supporter!

  10. Our ten-year-old host, Mr. K., suddenly objected to having his photo taken.

  11. Two of the guests.

  12. Oddly enough, I gave the camera to Mr. K (our ten year old) and he began by taking of picture of yours truly with teeth clenched.

  13. The baby is extremely popular.

  14. Our host and his ten-year-old progeny square off.

  15. Mr. K. shoots another closeup of your webhost, Marianne.

  16. In the middle of our potluck dinner.

  17. Now this is really getting ridiculous ... great subject though Marianne might be, this isn't conveying much of the evening!

  18. Stella, so named for the star on her forehead. A genuinely sweet dog.

  19. A cheerful guest.

  20. Mr. K. shows his resourcefullness in shooting couples.

  21. The ancestors watch solemnly from the wall.

  22. A good time continued to be had by all.

  23. Many of us, chomping away, in the living room.

  24. Man and dog.

  25. A welcome idealist.

  26. A local activist.

  27. The next generation.

  28. Two people deep in conversation.

  29. Group picture!

  30. Grandpa and grandbaby.

  31. Our generous hostess ...

  32. ... reads a stirring statement about how we can oppose Bush.

  33. One final shot of 3 generations: Grandpa, grandbaby, and Mom (in red.)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 7, 2003