Thanksgiving in Panama City, 2003

  1. Rob the Poor - Vote Republican! Bumper sticker of the millenium.

  2. Gary and Dad after dinner, November 26. Linda made lasagne.

  3. Linda explains a point of order to Mom. Actually, we have no idea what she was going on about.

  4. "Big Butt" Marianne and Dad have a battle of the laptops. Marianne's iBook automatically connects to the Fitzhugh cable modem - wireless - but Dad has to dial up. So basically Marianne's setup is ten times faster and just incredibly cooler.

  5. The laptop laddies. You can tell from her costume that Marianne is pre-jog.

  6. The iBook on wireless high speed access, and the clunky ThinkPad on dial up ... no contest ...

  7. Dad forgot the regular transformer with which to plug in the ThinkPad to an electrical outlet, so he's recharging the thing out in the car via the cigarette lighter. And people are so down on cigarettes.

  8. Linda, in glasses and pajamas at 11 a.m., makes the pumpkin pie. The evaporated milk was a strange color but we decided it didn't matter.

  9. Linda talks into the bubble - talking to Kathi in New York.

  10. Mom is almost done reading Goethe's "Elective Affinities", which is on Marianne's reading list for the coming Monday night's class.

  11. Linda is reading about bees. Actually, it's a novel about a coming-of-age and empowerment of a woman.

  12. Dad tests out the strength of the saw on a camphor branch that voluntarily fell to earth, volunteering for duty in the outdoor bonfire we'll have later.

  13. Gary takes over, while the Advisor looks on.

  14. Dad gets off his butt and gets to work carving up the bird.

  15. It takes all his concentration, and then some.

  16. Mom looks on.

  17. A festive Thanksgiving dinner: Mom and Dad, Linda and Gary, and yours truly the photographer.

  18. Linda and her moonshadow flower (is that the right name?) It only blooms in the dark of night.

  19. Is it Eminem? Is it another rapper with skin cap and iPod? Could it be Marianne?

  20. The beautiful cabinets that Gary built for Linda's office. Just put up over this Thanksgiving break by Gary and Dad!

  21. A supposed close-up of one end of the cabinets.

  22. Linda and (shudder) Windows at work under the cabinets.

  23. Another attempt at getting some perspective on the cabinets and the desk - this one being a failed attempt -

  24. Linda's head from the back ...

  25. Who is this sleeping beauty?

  26. "What was that flash? Are you looking at me? Are you talking to me? Wha....?"

  27. Cat With Tree, 2003.

  28. At the end of it all, Linda considers what she hath wrought, and, the year ahead.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 5, 2003