Christmas 2003

  1. If you take two 5-foot garlands and make circles on the floor with them, then you either get the numeral 8, or, you get a representation of the infinity symbol! And 8 is also the number of infinity, as we all know, since it's the new day, the day of resurrection (the day that comes after Day #7, get it?) Anyway, this is what passes for a Christmas tree in Marianne's minimalist apartment in California.

  2. The table wreath, next to the laptop and the piles of papers and books that somehow take up residence on the table ...

  3. A close-up of the table wreath.

  4. Laning Chateau's fountain in winter ... you can see the ivy on the building is now brown and dead and gone. But the grass hangs in there, and the gardeners have recently put in those beautiful white plants.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: December 5, 2003