An afternoon of dining and music, April 18, 2004

  1. Jorge and Miriam toast the day.

  2. A close-up of Jorge, near the bay and the sailboats, in Green's restaurant in Fort Mason, San Francisco. Green's is owned by the Zen Buddhists, who grow their own organic greens (hence the name ...)

  3. A beautiful shot of Miriam, except her eyes are modestly closed to the camera!

  4. Marianne poses with an enormous polished tree part of some sort. We will not remark here on how enormously fat she looks. She is aware.

  5. As April 18 is Holocaust Remembrance Day, we visited the Holocaust Memorial in San Francisco. It is stark and sobering; a pile of bodies, and one man looking out through barbed wire.

  6. If one of our brothers is imprisoned, we are all imprisoned. Let us pray for the freedom of political prisoners everywhere.

Marianne Mueller
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