Fasching Party, February 21, 2004

  1. John Barrymore putting on a solemn face.

  2. John looking slightly more bemused.

  3. A masked man.

  4. The shadow of Bill Stewart.

  5. Bill's lovely mask in something approxximating normal light conditions.

  6. Audrey purses her lips.

  7. Miko follows suit.

  8. Jorge drives away the lingering and malingering spirits of winter.

  9. Wizard Jorge prepares to cast his spells.

  10. A closeup if the Wizard's twinkling eyes and diabolical grin.

  11. Jorge meets with an acolyte.

  12. The mysterious, the sultry, the purple Mary Jane. Note that her name is Mary JANE and my name is Mari ANNE. See? Different second words. You can do it. Sultry: Mary Jane. Never shuts up: Marianne.

  13. Caroline looks twenty years older than her twenty-one years. Ageless Caroline.

  14. Doorway conversations.

  15. The winning couple! For best prize, Terry & co. received a box of Mozartkugeln. (Austrian candies.)

  16. Pals from the hacker front: Brad and Kathryn, the other person in black and red!

  17. Joel and Audrey grinning like the two best oboe players for miles. They understand their position, and they don't just exult, they gloat!

  18. Make new friends, but keep the old. Friends new and old relax into the conversation.

  19. Justin and Caroline - Justin the enigma, Caroline the secretly joyfilled.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Friday 27 February 2004