John Woodfill's Birthday Bash - January 10, 2004

  1. Andrea and Karin: two more-than-VPs - do men who are VPs hug each other so happily?

  2. Arturo and Tom pose for the camera's eye.

  3. John's sister is pensive.

  4. As has always been, the women confer in the kitchen.

  5. Tom and girlfriend!

  6. One mo' agin.

  7. A beautiful shot of Karin.

  8. Misha expounds on something or other!

  9. Two more of the beautiful people at the party ...

  10. Solving the world's problem, one glass of cabernet at a time.

  11. Nika! is learning karate, or is it judo!

  12. Nika displays her moves.

  13. Nika, the bequiling angel.

  14. A boyfriend for the centuries.

  15. Ssshhh. Nika is reading.

  16. Is the bed in the right orientation? Do I need to rotate this photo 90 degrees?

  17. Laughing or crying, you know it's the same relief.

  18. The giddily happy couple.

  19. Karin hard at work.

  20. Tom and beau comforting a little one.

  21. The lines of experience and time on yours truly, mrm.

  22. They look innocent enough.

  23. The gang assembles for the assault.

  24. They only await directions from the Chief.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Wednesday, May 5 "Cinco de Mayo" 2004