Lara at 2 1/2 months (roughly)

  1. Idyllic sleep!

  2. Little Lara has grown! Is that actual baby fat I see around her face?

  3. "Mama! Papa! Look, it's the sun!"

  4. Absolutely, the Kewpie doll! See for an adorable web page about Kewpie dolls ... hosted in Japan, where else?

  5. Now, Lara, don't stick out your tongue at the camera ...

  6. A direct and intense gaze from Mom.

  7. Rainer seems to be encouraging Lara to look at something, but she has other ideas.

  8. Dad and baby mug for the camera. I still say, it looks like Lara is developing chubby baby cheeks!

  9. Lara practices sitting up straight! With a little help.

  10. Lara sleeping the sleep of the angels.

  11. And now both Dad and Lara sleeping with the angels.

  12. Showstealer - Lara ends the show with her winning smile.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: July 27, 2004