To Echo Lake and Back Again: May 27 - June 1, 2004

    Thursday, May 27

  1. Kathi - well, Lara, actually - decides to take a snack break while we are shopping in a department store.

  2. We decide to test-ride the rocker chairs.

  3. Inexplicably, Dad naps.

  4. Lara is mostly an alto, although at times she hits the soprano range.

  5. Lara modulates her request.

  6. Lara fixes us in her gaze.

  7. Kathi and Lara nap.

    Friday, May 28:

  8. Dad helps himself to some Italian antipasti we got along with Mimi's pizza from Greene.

  9. Mom and Dad enjoying a pizza out in the last warm light of the day.

    Sunday, May 30:

  10. The view from my chair does involve a large piece of wooden railing.

  11. Dad gets the first dock in, and before the end of May.

  12. Not exactly the Statue of Liberty, but Dad raises a can of coke to the fresh waters of the lake.

  13. Fresh lavendar wild flowers greet us on our walk around the lake.

  14. What the road looks like, choked by ferns and trees and mud puddles.

  15. When the path around the lake goes through the forest, the path gets greener and greener.

  16. John Buck and Dad peer into the huge reservoir or whatever it is - the first piece of the new sewage system that we're trying to construct for the benefit of people who either still use their own outhouse, or who have their own septic system.

    Monday, May 31, Memorial Day and Mike's Birthday:

  17. Happy Cows. Not all Happy Cows live in California. These Happy Cows also make happy cheese. It might be added - they're all free range in this part of the world.

  18. A happy horse. Not noted for producing happy food products and presumably not destined for same.

  19. The destination of this day's walk: the crooked tree, Take One.

  20. Take Two.

  21. Take Three.

  22. The fields of green. This is on Ott Road, right before the intersection with Echo Lake Road, on the way home from visiting the crooked tree.

  23. The view of the cottage on a cloudy day. I beat the rain home.

  24. Our three guests for Memorial Day cookout: Mary Borden (right), Orley Borden (center), Elizabeth Damron (left).

  25. A closer view of Elizabeth, with Mom peeking in from the side.

  26. Elizabeth looks quizically at Orley.

  27. Our three guests look bedazzled by something, but I've no idea what.

  28. Elizabeth and Orley at dinner - we had chicken and pork spiedis, on good Italian bread, or, for Mary - a nice foreshortened roll.

  29. Mary debates a fine point of presidential politics. Let's put it this way. The liberal democrats were not taking the floor this evening.

    Tuesday, June 1, back in Clifton Park:

  30. Dad takes charge so Kathi can dash out quickly to the store.

  31. Lara registers her opinion on this change of affairs.

  32. Lara falls back asleep.

  33. Lara stretches even in her dreams.

  34. Lara looks up blearily at Grandpa.

  35. She's not sure if she's waking or sleeping.

  36. Now from the other side of Grandpa's perch in the big overstuffed chair.

  37. It's hard to catch her with her eyes wide open!

  38. Lara thinks about it, though.

  39. She immediately reconsiders.

  40. Lara looks up to Grandpa for reassurance.

  41. Grandpa poses in the living room. The decorations from the May 15 baby shower still festoon the fireplace!

  42. The new family.

  43. Lara moves her hands constantly.

  44. It could be that her view of her new world is as hazy as my poor attempts to capture her looking out ...

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Wednesday, June 2, 2004, Albany airport, waiting for my flight to board