Pictures taken on or about June 28, 2004, of the Queen Lara!

I know some people will object to this "Queen" business. First off, aren't we a democracy?! Second of all, what about the Gladiator Ryan and the Supreme Justice Rachel, two marvelous beings who need to be included in the pantheon of the next generation?

I say Yes and Yes. (Yes, she said, Yes.) All these objections are duly noted. Now let us turn to the business of admiring the baby photos!

  1. Who, me?

  2. The Queen has two feet, one left, one right. They are adorable.

  3. Madonna and child (if I may be forgiven for making the comparison.) I think Kathi looks like a saintly, quieted, joyful Madonna here.

  4. Papa is a pro at feeding. He just took to it.

  5. Rainer and Lara in a private, personal moment.

  6. Lara playing and squirming on her playmat! This is a remarkable American invention (German invention?) in which a blanket doubles as something the baby can lay on, and something the baby can play with.

  7. Lara is all smiles!

  8. She seems to enjoy her seat. It is so remarkable to see this less-than-two-month-old baby smiling away.

  9. Rainer and Kathi have put up a flagpole next to their very welcoming house. I have to ask: Do you rotate out the flags? Do you put up, say, the very wonderful California flag, or, the Zambian flag, or, the Austrian flag, or, the German flag? Or are these times so tense that it's only possible to fly the Stars and Stripes?

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Mittwoch, July 7, 2004