Day Two in the Life of Lara Rose Koeniger

  1. Kathi mid-morning of Day Two, holding sleeping little Lara.

  2. Aunt Marianne makes straight for the baby. Lara was 11 days early and Marianne was one day late, so this is the first day they meet.

  3. Marianne starts talking straightaway to the baby who is paying rapt attention.

  4. Lara in the bassinet, preparing for a bath by placing her long-sleeved-mittened hand in front of her face.

  5. This is the first bath Mama is going to administer!

  6. Lara is being attended to by Mom Kathi and Aunt Linda. Off in the distance, crazily tilted, is Grandpa Charlie Mueller.

  7. Lara vocalizes on the subject of the upcoming bath.

  8. Lara stretches. Baby Yoga.

  9. Naked Lara calms down momentarily.

  10. Beautiful, yes - but not as beautiful as in real life.

  11. Kathi confidently holds Lara so her back can be washed.

  12. Kathi washes Little Stuff's back.

  13. A closer view of the back washing.

  14. Kathi dresses her in a clean diaper.

  15. The little one wears a cap so she won't cool off too much during the sponge bath.

  16. Ahem ... one of the artistic out-of-focus shots.

  17. Kathi dresses Lara in one of those long-sleeved t-shirts with "mittens" for hands.

  18. "Who, me?"

  19. Sigh. Only two days old, and Lara is subjected to her first experience of lame-photographer-red-eye-syndrome.

  20. Three Generations - Erlmoser, Mueller, Koeniger.

  21. Kathi studiously burps the child.

  22. How about this manner of burping?

  23. After ... let's see ... from 7 a.m. on May 11 until noontime May 13, Dad had been going full blast (if, admittedly, not quite as much as the new mother), and he takes a well-deserved nap on the waiting room couch.

  24. Sleeping like a baby.

  25. Inside the clear plastic bassinet.

  26. Just for perspective: the wooden cabinet that holds the bassinet and Lara.

  27. You can see the soft white peach fuzz of the newborn.

  28. Aunt Linda peers into the face of her recruit for the women's basketball team.

  29. Sadly, blurred.

  30. Linda also tries to relax, if not nap, out in the waiting area.

  31. Lara is beautiful but sleep-deprived Dad Rainer squints at the flash.

  32. A close-up of Dad and baby.

  33. One mo' agin!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 14, 2004