Day Three for Lara: May 14, 2004

  1. Rainer tore his Achilles' tendon a couple weeks before Lara arrived, so he has to swing through the hospital corridors on crutches. At home he simply hops on one foot, all over the house. We call him Hopalong Cassidy.

  2. Day 3 and Lara catches up on her sleep. Mom and baby are still in the hospital (St. Clare's.)

  3. Lara's legs (and arms) are surprisingly long. In this she takes after her father. She also has outsize feet! But maybe that's baby-effect.

  4. Aunt Linda ministers to the babe.

  5. Linda carries Lara to Mom.

  6. Lara yawns. All that napping wears her out.

  7. It is nearly impossible me for cull this collection and decide which picture really needs to be consigned to the dustheap. So here they all are.

  8. Ditto.

  9. The pediatrician didn't check Lara out until almost 3 p.m. Finally, we seat her for the first time in the little car carrier.

  10. Lara quickly gets used to the car carrier and falls back asleep.

  11. Kathi is all showered and dressed and hair-blow-dried and waited-out, and ready to hit the road! Let's go home, Lara!

  12. OK, the debate is on: does she look like a little old man? Does she resemble Rainer? One thing is certain. She is much cuter in real life.

  13. Mom peeks at Linda carrying on a lively conversation with little Lara.

  14. Lara looks deep into Aunt Linda's eyes.

  15. Aunt Linda and Grandpa Charlie look on attentively. But notice the context! Lara is now at home!

  16. Dad approves of Rainer's automatic lawn mower robot.

  17. Rainer and Dad watch as the robot does all the work. It runs on a battery, and it takes a couple hours to do the whole lawn. The neighbors are impressed, too! (insert-smiley)

  18. Dad really can't get over this contraption. He marvels for hours.

  19. The first night that Kathi and Lara are home: we hold a special Happy Birthday dinner for Papa Rainer and Baby Lara. Purely out of a sense of duty, as tomorrow's Baby Shower also promises a cake, we polished off this delicious chocolate cake with butter cream frosting.

  20. Dad sings to Lara ... oops, I mean Grandpa Charlie ...

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 14, 2004