Baby Shower: May 15, 2004

  1. Grandpa Charlie Mueller sings to Baby Lara.

  2. Papa Rainer looks on during the early moments of the baby shower.

  3. Little Lara in Grandpa's hands.

  4. Grandma Charlotte Rose Erlmoser Mueller holds little Lara.

  5. Grandma and baby settle in for a nap.

  6. Grandma wakes up! But Lara is fast asleep.

  7. Lara, sleeping the sleep of the angels.

  8. One mo' agin.

  9. The initial crowd at the baby shower checks out baby Lara.

  10. Bonnie, Judy, and Donna talk with Grandma Mueller.

  11. The laden table. 3 salads, cold cuts, grapes, and so on.

  12. Kathi and Bonnie.

  13. Judy and Donna comfort little Lara.

  14. Kathi, Judy and Donna (and of course, Lara!)

  15. The lively living room.

  16. Another shot of the group!

  17. Linda regales us with some story.

  18. The presents pile up at the fireplace.

  19. Bonnie!

  20. Karen!

  21. another Karen!

  22. Grandma (Charlotte) shares a story about Kathi's early years.

  23. Another shot of Mom/Charlotte/Grandma.

  24. Carly - who won the prize for quessing the right length (19 1/2 inches).

  25. Judy.

  26. Kathi and Lara naturally resume center of attention.

  27. St. Donna of the Eclairs.

  28. Karen holds Lara.

  29. Jeannie arrives.

  30. Kathi opens more presents.

  31. and more and more ...

  32. Bonnie holding Lara.

  33. Jeannie shares her cake with Mr. Furby.

  34. The decorated-with-bows fireplace decoration! ("Baby Shower", it says.)

  35. Another view of the fireplace decorations.

  36. Kathi thoughtfully feeding little Lara.

  37. Linda holds Lara; Kathi probes the Internet.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 15, 2004