Day 7 in the Utterly Documented Life of Lara

    Monday, May 17, 2004 (this is actually still Day 6)

  1. Lara is awake!

  2. A full-length shot of the 1950s bassinet, in which Aunt Marianne, Aunt Linda and Mama Kathi lay in years gone by. As a matter of fact, the bassinet could even be older than 1950s (Grandma Charlotte annotates.)

  3. How unusual - a shot of Lara sleeping!

  4. This time, Rainer consults the Internet while Kathi holds Lara! Still, there's a remarkable lot of Internet activity in the general region of Lara.

  5. Grandpa Charlie persists in singing to the sleeping Lara.

  6. Kathi readies Lara for the diaper change.

  7. After the diaper change, the new set of clothes. Sometimes Lara looks like a quizzical little elf.

  8. Linda instructs Kathi on the proper technique for baby-dressing.

    Day 7, aka May 18, 2004

  9. Kathi and Lara sharing a nap.

  10. Dad takes a sympathetic nap in the guest bedroom with the groovy floor lamps.

  11. The neighbor kids (at 16 Spruce St.) are 15 months old, twins, and rather huge!

  12. Seeing the neighbor toddlers a bit closer up.

  13. Linda walking backwards for some unknown reason, while Mama Kathi pushes Lara along. The weather has been quite warm, in the 80s.

  14. A closer view of Lara in the stroller.

  15. A hatless Lara in the stroller.

  16. 29 Spruce St., Lara's home, is the one on the right, behind the trees, with the open garage door. Sort of gray.

  17. The Koeniger Residence in Clifton Park.

  18. And now without the trees!

  19. An action shot! My amazing camera can keep up with the brisk pace of the sisters walking the baby down Spruce Street.

  20. The exciting back view of the house - note the pretty large back porch, where is found a set of patio furniture for 6, and an enormous 3-burner gas grill. We used the grill on May 18 to make hamburgers.

  21. I have no idea what Aunt Linda and Mom Kathi are looking at, but it's not the camera.

  22. Cookin' hamburgers in the rain!

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 19, 2004