Thursday May 20 - Saturday May 22, 2004: Clifton Park to Echo Lake

  1. Little Lara in Grandpa's hands.

  2. They seem to be crooning to each other.

  3. Sleep is catch as catch can. One in an ongoing series of Dad napping.

  4. The sun, the bassinet, the baby and the mother ... Thursday, May 20, Day 9.

  5. Yet another shot of the baby sleeping in the bassinet!

  6. The neighbor came over and mowed the front and back lawns.

  7. Extremely nice of him in the sunny and hot and muggy weather!

  8. Dad discovers the couch in the front room.

  9. Grandma holds sleepy Lara.

  10. Grandpa walks with her for a good hour and a half.

    Friday, May 21, 2004: Day 10

  11. Whodda thought it! A picture of Lara sleeping in the bouncenette!

  12. A closer view.

  13. My laptop perches on the railing of the porch overlooking Echo Lake. We arrived at dusk on Friday, of Day 10, hoping to give the new parents some respite from our perhaps stifling presence.

    Saturday, May 22

  14. Ferns and wild azaleas.

  15. Wildflowers blanket the lawn around the old outhouse.

  16. Mom's gentle garden by the side of the house attracks bumblebees.

  17. The Frog Prince and his kingdom.

  18. The OPs enjoy an after-lunch siesta.

Marianne Mueller
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