A sunny and rainy day at the lake: May 23, 2004

    Saturday, May 22

  1. Orley Borden ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken at the Peppermill in Endwell, Saturday night.

  2. Mary also ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken, but the big difference is, she liked it.

    Sunday, May 23

  3. 156 Echo Lake South Lane, 2004.

  4. We took the rowboat on a tour around the lake (powered by the electric motor, which itself is powered by a car battery.) This shot shows the characteristic hump of the hill in back of our cottage. If you can pick out the large shining roof of the mansion-under-construction, well, we're the invisible cottage to the right of that.

  5. Zoomed in from across the lake: now you can easily pick out the huge silver-roofed mansion under construction, and our ordinary cottage immediately to the right.

  6. Another characteristic view of our cottage from across the lake. I won't even mention the silver-roofed mansion-under-construction.

  7. The Taj Mahal, the first monster cottage that went up around the lake, a decade or so ago. Or less than that, I don't remember. The Taj Mahal has inspired a raft of monster cottage projects.

  8. The ramp that extends from the cottage down to lake side, built by Dad in 2003. Here's the view from the left.

  9. And the view straight up the middle.

  10. And can you believe it, the view from the right.

  11. That's right, Greene - our second hometown - was settled by French refugees. Pass me the freedom fries.

  12. Of course, there were some people living here already, namely, the Mohawk tribe, among others. Go-won-go, a Mohawk princess, is said to have lived in this house. I have no idea what year.

  13. This is arguably a very dull historical marker. The Chenango Canal was here, 1837-1878. I guess it was a big deal for trade.

  14. Early settlers are remembered. They don't sound very French but Talleyrand dropped by in 1795.

  15. Chipmunk-cheek corn-chomping Charlie.

  16. If you look real hard, you can make out the baby robins' beaks. They just sit there and wait for Mama to bring food. Eventually she demonstrates flying techniques and patiently waits for them to jump the nest. This nest is right outside the side door.

  17. Three baby robins.

  18. Charlie a.k.a. Dad demonstrates in-house grilling technique. It had begun to pour rain so spiedi grilling moved indoors. Shortly after this picture was taken, he and I moved the grill to the side porch, as things began to smoke much too much. The spiedis were perfect. (Chicken; italian bread.)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 24, 2004