Writers' Group at Stinson Beach, May 9

  1. Alice's daughter from Boulder, Colorado (on left); two British friends of Gwen's; Eva (on right) enjoy the sun and waves at Alice's beach house in Stinson Beach, Marin, California.

  2. Gwen, our CEO, is back!

  3. Alice, our gracious hostess and cook!

  4. The group gets down to the serious business of working through the buffet lunch. (Alice, email us the recipe for that souffle!)

  5. From right to left: Kirsten, Maya (dog), Gwen (CEO), Sue, Joann (sometime Secretary.)

  6. Alice in shadows.

  7. Eva and Sue deep in the serious business of commenting on another's story.

  8. Alice discourses and her daughter looks to Maya.

  9. Kirsten - this is a perfect picture of you as literary critic - you can pay me for this when you use it on the bookjacket of your first novel, OK? (insert-smiley)

  10. Gwen purses her lips, in preparation for ...?

  11. Group picture! Left to right: Alice, Kirsten, Gwen, British friend of Gwen, Joann, Eva, another British friend of Gwen, Sue (and behind the camera...Marianne).

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 10, 2004