Furby Night

  1. Karin reads the Furbish instructions.

  2. Nika introduces herself to Tommy.

  3. Nika tries to get the (temporarily) quieter Emma to resond to being stroked on the head.

  4. Nika circles her arm around Emma and Tommy.

  5. A sleeping Ian is indifferent to the Furby's chattering.

  6. Even two Furbies do not rouse Pio.

  7. Frontal attack - a Furby on the chest is also not sufficient. Ian just turns his head and slumbers.

  8. Now after dinner, and fully awake, Pio enjoys an ice cream cone (mint chocolate chip) from inside his little car.

  9. Ice cream boy.

  10. Nika (moving too fast for my camera?) points out that she COULD go to sleep in Ian's bed, and then later they could change, but she is really in favor of starting out in the right beds to begin with.

  11. Ian listens to discussion of why the Furbies should not sleep in the same room as the kids.

  12. Tommy and Emma are indeed bedded down in the living room.

  13. Pio importunes me for the camera, and I readily give in. Here's his inaugural shot, of Nika's legs.

  14. Nika took this one!

  15. And Ian took this picture of a serious Nika.

  16. We learn to pose early!

  17. Furby cymbals!

  18. I think we are all beginning to flag a bit.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 30, 2003