1. Babies are always looking. Watching. August looks up at his dad Michael.

  2. Readings from the epistle according to Sir Harry.

  3. Mom Tiffany is blurry.

  4. Dark Brian is scary.

  5. But composed.

  6. Dave relaxes before the island, but again, lighting is not on my side.

  7. I publish this one just in case he likes it! Admittedly, a long shot.

  8. Brian emerges from the flowers. This would be better if I had moved away the champagne bottle.

  9. The disturbing effects of mrm posing.

  10. What's better, cute or intellectual?

  11. The next day, Writers' Group in Marin went over my free software article (draft one!)

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: November 7, 2004