Grand Canyon in the morning, Sedona in the evening: September 4, 2004

  1. This is about 1/10th of the canyon. And washed out. I think I will take my camera to a camera doctor. Of course, this being America, he'll just tell me to throw it out.

  2. These initial pictures were all taken as I walked along the south rim, from my lodge up to the grand lodge, where I intended to have a decadent breakfast. I was wearing official Hiker Gear (tm), so I was stopped and asked more than once for directions.

  3. I walked about a mile into the canyon. Shortly near the top of the path I followed, there is this doorway cut out in the rock. There is a steady stream of people going up and down this path, let me tell you. It's like the escalator at Macy's the day after Thanksgiving, except you're walking.

  4. The view partway down.

  5. A monument in the middle.

  6. The walls of the canyon are steep, but the trail is not. In fact, the portion I went down was very easy to climb back up. Probably it gets steep at the bottom.

  7. The face of the canyon.

  8. After a couple hours drive down the Oak Creek Canyon (a green, lush paradise), I arrive in Sedona to my rah-ther nice hotel room. I got carried away taking pictures.

  9. The end table and the cute little circular table.

  10. The armoire that holds the TV, and, a gas fireplace. Dad advised I light the fire. Never mind that it was in the 80s outside (or 90s) and the air conditioner was going. Dad just didn't want me to lose value in that room.

  11. The view from my window!

  12. Sedona rocks in the sunset (from a very nice cafe, incidentally - when in Sedona, look for the cafe near the intersection of the two main roads, and up over the bridge.)

  13. I just sat in my seat and twirled my head (and camera) around. It was a spectacular, 270-degree view.

  14. You can see Sedona is very green and wooded - not as much desert as further to the north.

  15. Farther away is Cathedral Rock. Here you can see the main road through town, as it goes over the bridge.

  16. The light conspires with the red rock.

  17. Gorgeous rocks. They DO climb them here.

  18. Rocks in context.

  19. My favorite picture. Rocks in late twilight.

  20. Here's what happens when you're sitting in a restaurant (Robert's, serves southwestern cuisine) and the railing has little white lights on it and the rocks in back are still in deepest twilight and you try to take a picture with long exposure and you don't know what you're doing.

  21. Rocks surrounded by electric eels at night. Or is it the vortexes' energy made visible?

  22. A somewhat more normal picture - the shade of the rocks still falls heavy in the distance.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 17, 2004