Clifton Park: September 18, 2004

  1. Lara sleeps through our first hellos.

  2. Gill holds a wide-awake Agnes. Helena peaks from behind the staircase to see who the new people are.

  3. Helena has a pumpkin painted on her face, from Price Chopper.

  4. Smiles all around.

  5. A calm pose.

  6. Agnes imitates big sister.

  7. The camera tilts, Helena tilts, Grandpa tilts.

  8. Storytime.

  9. Helena explains the ending.

  10. Finlay believes the ghost painted on his cheek should be memorialized.

  11. We agree the profile view is the most appropriate.

  12. Who is your favorite cousin? Skinnybones!

  13. Lara too waits to hear the answer to Helena's question.

  14. A closeup of Kewpie.

  15. I prefer the blueberry bagel, says Helena.

  16. Marianne, do we really need another picture of this.

  17. Agnes swings in the blue tripod.

  18. Amazing how the babies track the eye of the camera.

  19. All this posing gets tiring.

  20. I actually like the blurry picture.

  21. Lara intently reads his face.

  22. Apologies for red eye.

  23. Not everyone agrees those are Mueller ears.

  24. It's that time again.

  25. Lara is very smiley.

  26. A modest angle.

  27. Delighted in tie-dye.

  28. Agnes is only five days older than her little cousin Lara.

  29. Gill and Agnes.

  30. Pixies.

  31. Sound asleep.

  32. It's been a long day.

  33. Red, white, black and Agnes.

  34. More apologies for red eye.

  35. The somber gaze.

  36. Agnes rolls over quite often - I don't remember if she rolls back.

  37. Babies often seem to be asking a question, searching around with their eyes, in wonderment.

  38. Lara matches the playmat.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 27, 2004