September 19, 2004: Baptism of Lara

  1. The No-W sticker reallys works well on the white bug. Colors, design, lines, everything.

  2. Marcus and Ute, Charlotte and Charlie. The bumper sticker reads: "Save the Environment / Plant a Bush back in Texas."

  3. Kathi dresses Lara in her little white dress.

  4. The only time Lara isn't smiling at it is when you point the camera at her.

  5. Lara all dressed and ready to go.

  6. Lara attracts all eyes.

  7. And all arms.

  8. There's something about Helena. I call her Helena of Troy.

  9. All dressed up and ready to go.

  10. Fr. Cairns gives us instruction before the baptism.

  11. Finlay introduces himself again, just in case Lara forgot.

  12. The parents.

  13. We wait while Fr. Cairns brings the two other families up to speed.

  14. The baptismal font is expansive.

  15. The font has stairs down to a large pool, presumably for adult converts who want to do the ceremony the old way.

  16. Three baptismal candles, one for each baby, wait at the base of lit candle.

  17. The reading from the New Testament.

  18. The moment of the baptism. Christian, holding Helena, is godfather; I'm godmother.

  19. Godparents and parents wait at the back of the church for a bit.

  20. I'm mugging for the camera.

  21. Kathi is smarter and smiles at Lara.

  22. Not sure why I would be rolling up my sleeve.

  23. Fr. asked me to be one of the two people who bring up the gifts.

  24. Maybe it was bad of me to take pictures during the service; I wanted to get Fr. at the sparse minimalist altar.

  25. Now I am cutting off heads. I had accused Mom of doing this.

  26. Quintessential Lara.

  27. I (somewhat) embarrass the altar girl. I told her when I was her age I wanted to be an altar girl but the bishop said no girls.

  28. All the family, but we're missing a couple kids! Where are Finlay and Agnes?

  29. Agnes reappears.

  30. Lara is forever moving her head, yanking it to one side or the other, looking around, so it's just a matter of luck if you catch her looking your way. I was not lucky.

  31. Before the party starts.

  32. A very sweet picture of Ute holding Lara.

  33. From time to time, Dad or Grandpa take over nursing duty.

  34. Softly out of focus.

  35. Gill may never forgive me.

  36. (To me) The younger set.

  37. Encore.

  38. Sandwiches and wine oder bier on the back porch.

  39. Another in the series of the two sleeping.

  40. I really have to learn how to use the camera in close shots and avoid that red eye.

  41. I don't understand how it's physically possible to get red eye in two people looking in completely different directions.

  42. Pasquale and Finlay.

  43. Silk.

  44. Lara wakes.

  45. Babies relaxing.

  46. Lara is teething, it seems, and she is happy to gnaw on friendly fingers as well as her own.

  47. Grandma and Lara pull out signature smiles.

  48. It's been a long day, but Lara is wide awake.

  49. Lara chomps down. At times, it looks like she's trying to get her fist inside - doesn't look like that's possible any more.

  50. Helena of Troy takes a nap.

  51. Lara joins her.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: September 27, 2004