A Whole Lot of Mongolian Hats: September 24

  1. Hey, what's going on?

  2. The infant hat fits! And the teething baby wears a bib.

  3. The golden infant.

  4. Hi, Grandma!

  5. A miracle - no red eye!

  6. Angelique displays a blue-green-purple Mongolian-inspired hat. Mom and I visited the hat-artist and her husband on their 25-acre spot of land in Oxford. They are constructing and living in a geodesic dome of sorts. They are planning the Beaver Palace, a large structure topped with many swirling onion domes, and resting on elaborate pedastals that look carved, but which have been poured into a mold. They do have beavers lazily working on a beaver pond, on their stream.

  7. The dusky green fringe makes a statement.

  8. A gorgeous lush dark brown suede hat.

  9. A proliferation of hats!

  10. Faux fur is where it's at.

  11. The brim model.

  12. The folds of cloth evolve into hats.

  13. If Angelique did a show in northern California, her hats would move fast.

  14. A suede and faux fur model, suitable for Siberian winters. Or upstate New York winters.

  15. A veritable crown.

  16. Closeup of the crown.

  17. Angelique is partial to the faux fur vest.

  18. The artist and some of the tools of her trade.

  19. Mongolian Marianne.

  20. Mom bought Marianne this hat for her 44th birthday. Angelique added nice ear flaps, and then mailed it out to California in a hat box.

  21. The table built by David (or by David and Angelique) is not REALLY for sale. There is a nominal price of $10,000. The top took lots of sanding. The pedastal is a miracle of casting. Purple asters are in bloom all over.

  22. The shiny fins on the geodesic dome are flattened beer cans (mostly. Some soda.) David is from the UK. The roof is made of former tires.

  23. Angelique and David next to the beautiful doors.

  24. I knew the sun would do that, but I wanted to try to photograph the wall of flattened cans.

  25. Lara has been in charge of things while we were absent from the cottage.

  26. Lara translates.

  27. Now it's Grandma's turn to listen and translate.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: October 2, 2004