The English couches arrive on May 12!

  1. The baby's changing table awaits.

  2. A set of pull-out shelves next to the changing table.

  3. A little pogo-stick bear that Kathi played with when she was a child.

  4. The crib.

  5. Dad (Charlie) starts to disassemble the crates that the English couches arrived in. Note that these things all arrived on the same day: Lara, Linda, Marianne, couches!

  6. Linda folds the enormous sheets of plastic that the English couches arrived in.

  7. Dad (Charlie) continues the impossible - disassembling the crates.

  8. The new couches! The one against the wall seats three; the one near the camera seats two.

  9. The rest of the set: the one near the camera seats two, and the one near the window is the single-person chair with ottoman. Note the amazing TV! Also, out the window, the beautiful green expansive back yard.

  10. The chair and ottoman.

  11. The two-seater. In back, the kitchen.

  12. The 3-seater. In back, the stairs up to the second floor.

  13. Linda demonstrates how the crate can be used as Lara's first playpen! Just kidding.

  14. Mom (Charlotte) demonstrates use of chair.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: May 15, 2004