The cabin at Inverness, Marin: July 2-4, 2004

  1. Audrey demonstrates the comfort of an air mattress in our cabin for the weekend.

  2. A closeup of the grinning Audrey.

  3. The moss-covered trees in the damp, green forest near Point Reyes' beaches.

  4. We reached the pebble beach after an hour and a half or so (directly from the cabin) - Caitlin and Audrey pose.

  5. Audrey is well shielded against the beating summer sun.

  6. Caitlin is similarly protected. She has binoculars so we can chase down the birds.

  7. The view along the coastline, from Pebble Beach. We are at the quiet interior inlet, not out at the ocean.

  8. An art shot (sic) - a closeup of the feathery lichen (or moss?) on the trees.

  9. A Marin totem pole.

  10. The cabin in Inverness that we rented. 2BR, 1 BA, full kitchen with dishwasher, large open common area, balcony all around.

  11. We made it to the Point Reyes lighthouse! Unfortunately, after its closing time of 4:30! Plus it was quite foggy and freezing. We snickered at tourists in shorts and tank tops. Don't they know we're in *northern* California?

  12. Audrey and Caitlin at the edge of the world.

  13. On our way back from the lighthouse - a cow crossing ...

  14. ... and more cows ...

  15. ... and more and more. After ten minutes or so, we saw our opening, and gunned it.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: Samstag, July 10, 2004