Florence, Italy: August 3, 2004

  1. Gerhard at breakfast - the woman in the background is our hostess.

  2. The balcony on the Hotel Casci building (where we stayed.) (The hotel, that is, not the balcony.)

  3. I never tire of this view: the enormous Duomo looming over the tight alleyways.

  4. Here we see the Duomo building proper - from the back I think.

  5. Gerhard at lunch at a cafe across from the Duomo.

  6. Moi with marbled cathedral in back.

  7. Lunch and mezzo rosso casa arrive! (1/2 liter of the house red)

  8. Purely for documentary purposes: my room at the Hotel Casci. The bed faces a TV suspended from the ceiling (CNN, BBC). There was a quite good closet. The little iPod is charging its heart out from the socket under the bed lamp.

  9. The quite fine bathroom; sparkling clean and plenty of hot water. The only minor annoyance is the shower curtain, which goes around in a circle. You have to be careful not to flood the floor. After the first day of flooded-floor, I was more careful and had no more instances of mopping up a pond with the extra towels.

  10. Gerhard is happy with his tender, hot spiedino! Or whatever they call it! Skewer of beef and vegetables. This is at Za Za Ristorante (highly recommended.) Gerhard pronounced the Italian beer, Moretti, quite satisfactory.

  11. The street vendors' carts are folded up for the night.

  12. The modern street musician ensemble: guitar, accordian and cell phone. The boy is probably one of the musicians' son.

Marianne Mueller
Last modified: August 19, 2004